Friday, January 30, 2009


Our insurance company denied our claim for covering damages to the house. They are covering damages to our personal belongings but water damage to the structure is apparently excluded. Therefore, the rental agency is now trying to file a homeowners claim for the damages but things are still feeling sticky to me. I have a very unsettled feeling about the whole thing. I wish that the rental agency would have filed a homeowners claim long before now, but so far they have not. I spoke with them today and it sound's like they are going to but they are making some unusual requests from us for copies of documents related to our policy. I am still asking that you pray for this situation... that it will work out without any more tension than has already been created due to the delay in repairs being made, etc. Pray that Howard and I make wise choices with how to proceed.
Changing the subject all together, I attended the memorial service yesterday for Silas and Joshua. It was a full house with many people in attendance. It was a hard scene to watch as the siblings and close friends, including the Cunningham brothers, were pallbearers for the caskets. Who would think that at 16 years old you would have to carry your friends in a casket? What a sobering moment for these young boys and families.

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