Saturday, January 24, 2009

Emery Family Update

Last night at the basketball game I spoke with Mr. Cunningham who had been at the hospital earlier in the day with the Emery family. As I understand it, the doctors took Joshua off life support for a brief while to see if there was any brain activity and there was not. They decided to wait until all the family could arrive before shutting down all the machines permanently so some others could say goodbye. I do not know the timeline of that event. I can't imagine the grief this family must be feeling to have lost 2 of their 7 children in such a tragic way. But I also have this picture in my mind of Silas greeting Joshua in heaven, and how wonderful that must be. Please continue to pray for the Emery family. They were known by many in our community and no doubt are leaving a void on this earth. Please pray for the Cunningham family and their children who were friends of these boys.

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  1. OH, I can't imagine the thought of going through this. I am weep for this family right now and pray that many will come to know Christ through this tragic, painful situation. I will continue to pray for this family and also for those who know them.