Saturday, January 3, 2009

Gingerbread, Holidays, Costa Rica Friends and Slugs

Look what we made today! Yes, I know it's January 3rd but it's a great example of how random our life has been since Christmas. The boys have been begging since before Christmas to make the gingerbread house great grandma bought for them and today I said "why not? It's 2 in the afternoon, I'm still in my p.j.'s and the house isn't getting any cleaner so go for it." This is the product of our imagination....with a little help from the kit directions. Here's a few photos of the boys too.

So, here is a recap of our Christmas and New Years and everything in between. On Christmas eve we spent the evening with Howard's family eating, eating and eating some more. We were not supposed to exchange any gifts this year but Howard's mom cheated a bit and made gifts for all of us. They were wonderful...the boys each got a work apron for tools and toys and Howard and I each received a scarf and I received a handbag. Cheryl is quite talented in her sewing and knitting skills.
We spent Christmas morning opening presents with our boys. I went off to work for a few hours and then we spent Christmas evening with my family opening more gifts and eating a traditional Mexican dinner. Tamales, rice, beans and corn. Sweet tamales and flautas for desert. Way too much food and way too tasty!
The day after Christmas our friends from Costa Rica; Priscilla, Marco, baby Sebastian and Mila (pri's mom) came to visit. We started the visit off by taking Marco to the ER for a toothache an hour after they arrived. When he learned the wait would be 5 hours he decided that was too long. I brought him back home where he suffered all night in pain. On Saturday my mom called our family dentist at home and he graciously met Marco at his office. A few shots of Novocaine, some antibiotics and some pain killers and a scheduled appointment for a root canal on Monday did the trick! He was able to get his pain under control and looked forward to Monday when he finally had his root canal. He lost 9 pounds while here for the week because he didn't want to eat with a sore tooth. On Saturday night we shared a traditional Christmas dinner of ham and all the fixings with our Costa Rica friends. We also exchanged gifts with them and they each shared their testimonies of how they became Christians. New Years Eve we went to church and then we built a campfire and roasted marshmallows. New Years Day we headed up the mountain to shoot a variety of guns. It was the first time Priscilla had shot a gun and probably the last too. She wasn't too fond of it even though it was her idea. New Years night we spent at my sister's house. She and her husband made pizza for the whole group. We prayed as one big family for the upcoming changes that are soon approaching for many of us and for safe travels for Mila, Pri, Marco and baby while they travel back home. They are great friends and we will miss them.
Now onto the most unpleasant part of the week....
Howard left for another basketball tournament yesterday and will return home later tonight. I thought it would be a great opportunity to load the cans and bottles up and take them to the store for recycling. I thought wrong. Those machine are enough to make the most patient of people go insane. The first store had a broken plastic bottle machine and it was freezing outside so we headed to the next store which has an indoor center. There was a line and after waiting 20 minutes for an open machine the boys were becoming impatient. They were crying, and I wanted to cry. The walls were sticky and at one point I saw Carter put his hand on the wall and then lick his hand. Grant, against his better 6 year old judgement, filled the sink with water and got his long sleeves wet. Then took his shirt off and dragged it across the bottle room floor! Where did these children come from? I raised my voice a little too much about some nasty disease they were sure to acquire after that and I think I scared the bearded lady next to me. Carter licked the shopping cart in defiance. My face turned an angry shade of red. After each machine subsequently broke, the bottle attendants fixing them and Jordan and I getting through the rest of the cans we were finally done! We unstuck our shoes from the bottle room floor, threw away the slugs that Grant found on our bags of cans, grabbed a few groceries and cashed in our $25 worth of can vouchers. NEVER TO DO AGAIN! I wasn't very nice to the checkout lady when she asked if I had found everything ok and I threatened to exchange the boys for new ones if they didn't walk to the car without licking one more thing. We got home and I sanitized every square inch of us! Today, the boys and I have been hanging out recovering from yesterday's traumatic bottle/can event. I started taking down Christmas decorations and the boys interrupted with a request to make the gingerbread house, which led me here to update the blog. Howard will be home soon and I can't wait. But for now, it's back to housework and un-decorating.

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  1. Oh Amanda, I can so relate to your pop can story. I have had one too many experiences like that where I thought I would go crazy. I am so glad I am not alone. Of course, I am sorry that it was such an ordeal, but hey, you got 25.00 out of that adventure. If I were you... I would keep every last penny for myself. A little selfish? maybe, but it makes it a little more worth the trip! I am so glad you are posting about life. I love it! Miss you and had a great time visiting you on Sat. Wish it was longer though.