Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blood and Water

Well, the day has finally arrived. We moved into our house last night, finally. We had a great time staying with friends. Somewhat of a vacation from the reality of life to be honest, but we are back into our own routine and trying to unpack the mayhem the occurred over the course of the last few weeks. We are not having a good experience with the insurance company though and I covet your prayers about this matter. The actual homeowner apparently doesn't want to file a homeowners claim but wanted his own employees to do the work. Our renters insurance says they may not cover damages due to how our policy was written. (whatever that means) Then there is a sticky mess with the original carpet cleaner who let our furniture sit for a week and get water damaged from exposure to water too long. I hate stuff like this. I want to plug my ears and say "la la la" but I cant. I am trying not to get anxious about the whole ordeal. It's in God's hands and out of my control at this point. I've been told by many to let the insurance companies fight it out and not to worry about it, but it still leaves unsettling thoughts.
We should have some answers this week, hopefully.
I've thought about these last few weeks and have pondered the reason why God allowed blood and water to "pour" with my nose problem and the washing machine ordeal. Maybe I read too much into things, but I can't help but keep returning to a mental picture of the Cross. The blood and water that flowed from Jesus side when he was crucified. Why this modern day, practical blood and water lesson now? All I come up with at the moment is that in all things no matter how practical or everyday they are, I need to look to Him. The One who gave everything for me. His life for me. The One who who loves us no matter our painful thoughts and frustration. The One who I need to run to when my burden is heavy. The One who provides all things. The One who knows my days. The One who has it all in palm of His hand. The One who knows the outcome and the reason before I do.


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