Friday, January 23, 2009


Yesterday while at work I took a 911 call about a car crash. Two brothers, one telephone pole. Silas, age 20 died. Joshua, age 17 is being kept alive by machines in a nearby hospital. After arriving home, Howard told me that these boys were close friends of some boys on his basketball team, Noah and Eli. Noah was called out of class yesterday to be told the news. The Emery family is in need of prayer as they grieve the loss of their son, Silas, and as they live through the upcoming days with Joshua in the hospital. An email update this morning from the school office said the following....

"Good morning --- Some of you may have heard about this, but anyway ---
We'd like to ask you to really be in prayer for the Emery family who attend Shan Creek Community Church (this is the church where Guy Shields is Pastor - Pastor Shields has two children here at NHCS and he is also on our school board). Two of the Emery boys were in an accident and the 20 yr old was killed, and his brother has been declared almost brain dead. The Cunninghams also attend this church and these boys were good friends with the Cunningham boys. The doctor who is dealing with the one who is close to brain dead said that he was also in that condition at one time and he "came back" to lead a normal life - as a doctor! Therefore he won't quickly "pull the plug". So, please pray for Bob & Susan, the parents, and for Josh, the one in the hospital. Only our great and loving God can get them through a time like this. Please also remember the Cunningham boys in your prayers."

Thank you for praying for this family and all who are affected by this tragic event. I will continue to post as I receive updates.


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