Monday, February 9, 2009

Dog Gone

Last Monday, Jordan was sick and stayed with my mom for the day instead of going to school. When I got to grandma's house at the end of the day to pick him up he proudly announced that he had lost a tooth. The rest of the story came out later that my mom's dog got the tooth at some point during the day and had it in his mouth, but they fished it out and rescued the tooth from Titan's jaws.

In all the moving my mom ended up with my jewelry box which she gave back to me on Monday night. Inside was our "tooth star". I painted this little jar that we call our "tooth star" several years ago when Jordan was about 4 and Grant was just a baby. When our kids lose their teeth, they put their tooth in the jar and sit it next to their bed for the tooth fairy to find. It was so exciting to have our famous jar returned on the same day Jordan's tooth fell out.

When we got home Jordan put his tooth in the jar and left it on the kitchen counter. Tuesday morning arrived but there was no dollar bill to be found. The tooth fairy doesn't look on kitchen counters we found out. Bummer. Later that night I heard a scuffle in the kitchen. When I walked in Carter had been playing on the floor with the "tooth star"and the tooth was missing. When I asked him where the tooth was he pointed at our dog and said "Warren ate it". This poor tooth was destined for a dogs mouth! I swept the whole floor but never found it. I'm sure it's long gone in the intestines of the dog, and by now the backyard. That night Jordan put the star by his bed. Here is what the tooth fairy found.....

She might not look on kitchen counters but she does make exceptions! Cha-ching. Saved by the note! I love my kids. They crack me up sometimes.


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  1. Hi friend! I am finally back online and so glad to read your posts. I feel like I know what is going on in your life. I am still lifting you and the fam in my prayers.

    I got your email about blogging stuff. Do you still need any help? Let's talk on one of your days off. It seems easier to help over the phone while you are on the computer.

    I miss you-