Sunday, February 22, 2009

Basketball Part 2

Fried bread. Hot dogs. Gatorade. Popcorn. Bubble gum. Corn nuts. Soda. Burgers. Chocolate. Nachos. Corn dogs and Quesedillas. You name it, we ate it, or sat next to someone who ate it.

Friday and Saturday were jam packed basketball days. We played our first District Tournament game on Friday and lost by 9 points. Some of the boys nerves and attitudes got the best of them and we struggled to get past some bad calls by the fellows in black and white stripes. But our boys stuck with it and learned from their mistakes. We pulled out a good win Saturday night and placed 3rd in the District Tournament. Three of our boys were awarded either tournament or all league awards or both. We are very proud of our basketball team and all that they have accomplished this season. These boys are a great bunch of kids on and off the court. Howard really loves watching these young men grow up and work hard for what they believe in. Even though there are times he would like to knock their heads together, they really are outstanding teens that are a far cry from the norm these days.

So the warriors are heading to Salem on Tuesday to play the first Regional game which is a division of the state tournament. We are playing another Christian school that we played during our pre-season. We beat them at that time but they apparently were missing a key player. Should be a good tight game and a great experience for our boys and coaching staff.

It's almost half time. Enjoy the airplane toss, 50/50 raffle and a poorly copied version of "Back in Black" while we gear up for another quarter. I'll post another basketball commentary on Wednesday when we return home from our road trip. Hopefully it's a write up on the 3rd quarter and not a final score. Say a prayer for my brave soul as I, for the first time in 5 or more years, dive head first into a bus load of teenage male athletes and their crazy fans for a long trip north. My zune will be fully charged and my novel close at hand. Hopefully these two pieces of sanity will drown out the chaos.

Now take a potty break and go eat a frito pie! It's officially half time.


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