Saturday, April 4, 2009

Take a Hike!

Last Saturday we surprised our kids with a spur of the moment (for them, we thought ahead a bit) family day and told them to get ready for a whole day of fun. When they asked where we were going we said, "we don't know, you guys get to pick".

We set 3 rules.

1) Somewhere we can take the dog.

2) In our car by dark to head home.

3) Spend $50 or less. Not including food and gas.

The boys hashed it over and decided they wanted to go on a hike and they picked Table Rock. So we set out for a beautiful 2.8 mile hike up Table Rock and 2.8 mile hike down. Here's some photo's of our hike.

(This is the first photo in 2+ years that all three boys are looking at the camera and smiling, I about cried on the trail when I finally reached this long awaited moment of photo victory).

The end of the hike proved to be a trail of tears for Carter. And every hiker on the mountain heard him! He walked almost the whole thing with a few rides on mom and dad's shoulders.

After we climbed down the mountain we still had plenty of day left over and the boys decided they wanted to go bowling. Can you dig Grant's fashion statement? I about wet my pants when I saw this get up! Carter joined Howard's team and with that handicap and a little help from bumpers and a ball rack, they beat us all with a score of 105! We finished off the bowling alley with a trip through the arcade.

On our way home we happened across a brand new playground that was not quite finished but still open for play.Since the sun hadn't set completely the kids jumped out and played until the sun went down.

And we took this funny picture of our bobble head dog!

After dark we hit the road and finished the night off with a take n' bake pizza and baths. Once the kids went to bed we plugged in a movie and called it a night. The next morning I could barely walk. E-ver-y-th-ing hurt. Hiking, bowling and crawling around on a playground with our kids was a work out! We had a blast welcoming spring! It was a gorgeous day.


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