Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lay an Egg!

I'm not in a good place right now to write a nice Easter post. Truth is, I'm so tired, I can't think hard enough to make out a grocery list, let alone remember everything once I'm at the store!

Does this really have to be the week they remodel and rearrange Wal-mart so that at 11pm I can't find the bread?! Why are they out of peeps and marshmallow eggs? And why, in the middle of the remodel, on the night before a holiday, do they have only 4 check stands open? And why, why, why did they not include a self-checkout with their "new and improved" look?

I have on the other hand read some wonderful Easter posts that you will find along my side bar from MckMama and BringtheRain. You are much better off reading those than anything I could share right now. Instead I'm tired and a bit disappointed. I really wanted to attend our church's Easter service as they are always incredible, but could not pull myself together to make it happen.

I'm on my 3rd week of a graveyard shift and hurting. My house looks like a bomb went off. Laundry is half washed and half folded, and none of that is my doing. My sink is full of dishes and it's after 10pm and I'm just gearing up for a long night and ready to clean the house. Seriously. Which doesn't work well when everyone else is sleeping. No one wants to be woke up by a vacuum cleaner or washing machine, which is why it's not getting done during the day either. And to think I have to do this for the next 5 months! I've been told the 3rd week is the hardest. After that it's smooth sailing. I'm question the "smooth" part. I look like a zombie at the boys baseball games and probably have very few intelligent thoughts when speaking to my friends. Note to friends: I apologize. Check back with me at the beginning of October.

I'm not a coffee drinker. I try to limit the amount of Pepsi I consume but sometimes I just need a jolt of caffeine. Pepsi at 5am is not a reasonable solution to my sleepiness. Neither is popcorn, 12 mini snickers bars or a frozen, microwavable, Salisbury steak dinner with fake mashed potatoes and hard corn. (Did I just admit that?) My coworker takes Excedrin Migraine, when she doesn't have a headache, just to stay awake. See how all logic disappears when you work graveyard? She once was a reasonable person.

In spite of my lethargic demeanor I managed to snap a few photos of this weekend's events and only dropped the camera twice. (just kidding mom)

Not all eggs make the cut.

Yes, that's pink. My favorite.

Proof of my zombie state.

The rivalry between my boys runs deep!

Nephew Titus's first Easter and his baby dedication day.

Love, Mandy

ps. Banquet just called. They want me to retract my statements. Apparently Salisbury steak meals meet the minimum standards of a well balanced 5am meal.

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