Sunday, April 19, 2009

Proud Mom Day!

Yes, the title is meant to be sarcastic.

My child...or should I say MY SWEET, little darling 3 year old son....did the unthinkable.

Today, in the beautiful sunlight, while at the playground (it hurts to be so painfully honest, that's why it's taking so long for me to spit it out)

PUNCHED ANOTHER KID IN THE STOMACH!. Not just some kid, but a kid we don't even know.

And after he did that unthinkable act, he poured salt in that fresh wound and


MY kid. MY stinking little brat of a kid!

It's a proud mom day.

Let me just make it clear. PROUD.

I wanted to crawl into the nearest gopher hole at the park and die.

Instead, I marched him back over to the kid (who let me point out was about 6 years old and didn't punch him back but should have) and made him apologize for both and gave him a very long time out.

What has my child rearing come to that my own flesh and blood just acted like one of "those" kids on the playground?

Proud Mom Day's thankfully don't happen often. But when they do, they really make me want to spit. Lord have mercy on my son's soul.


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  1. Hi friend, I have had so many "Proud" mommy moments like that over the years. My pride gets in the way too much. Michael always asks if I am upset more because my pride was hurt or because my kids did something so unappropriate. Usually it's my pride. I want to look good and everyone to see how wonderful of a mom I am. Talk about needing some humbling. Thanks be to God that He refines us as mothers by putting these precious little ones in our lives. Even if they do act in such a way that makes us want to hide under a rock and not claim them as our own!!

    I miss you! Thanks for doing the prayer request thing. I forgot to put mine in for the week. I got busy and didn't get to my emails until today. I guess mine is still the same, and I am also in lots of pain again. I am still seeing different people to see if this can be fixed or if I just need to live with it. It sure does make me grumpy though. This morning I yelled at Mandi first thing because she had her headphones on again and was ignoring me. I didn't aske her nicely, but yelled at her to take them off. That was a huge mistake. She left for school in tears. My pain is not an excuse but it does not help in me being gentle and loving because I feel like crap.

    Well , have a nice day! It's another sunny one here and will be about 80! Finally some good weather.

    Love ya- Kristin