Thursday, September 10, 2009

Going Raw

I'm giving raw foods a shot. Going to give it my best attempt and hopefully never look back. I work with a few men who eat this way and they have plenty to say about how great they feel and how much energy they have. Not to mention how much weight they have lost.

With that being said...can I tell you how hungry I am? I know it's just a learning curve for my tummy to not be full of bread and dairy and meat. Instead I am chugging down lots of green raw vegis and other vegis and fruits and nuts.

It's a learning curve for my brain too. What can I make for lunch? What kind of salad dressings can I create? How rigid do I want to be? How practical is this when I am away from my kitchen at least 12 hours a day while at work.

I am drinking tons of water with lemon. I feel water logged. I suppose that will eventually be a comfortable thing for me. But for now, I feel like my insides are sloshing around.

It's a bit more involved than how I am making it sound but I think I am making some good choices about my future health.

I will update with my raw food progress in a few weeks. Provided I haven't died of hunger (o:


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  1. If you are not vegan then please, please, please, don't go completely raw. 95% of SAD eaters (standard american diet) fail on a raw diet within the first year. As a longtime vegan, who's now raw and been completely raw for two years I would recommend a gentle transition. Find a few "vegan" cookbooks and a few raw cookbooks. Amazon has plenty. Start out with one complete raw meal a day. This could be all fresh fruit for breakfast. Incorporate lots of raw foods into your other meals. Invest in an exccalibur dehydrator and a good blender like a blendtec or vitamix. Have lots of fun. This is a great journey you're starting!!!