Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Middlest

The Middlest Child, as he calls himself, is not having a good month! His sob story follows, as told by his mother.

A few days before school started he went to his back to school open house to find out that his very best little friend was not returning to class, instead to be home schooled by his parents. He also learned that night that not just his bestest little friend, but all of the boys in his class were not returning this year. Therefore, making him, THE ONLY BOY! (At least recess is mixed with other grades so he has a few boys to romp around the playground with.)

The last day of summer he was living it up outside in the cul-de-sac riding his bike with his brothers while dad looked on. One little monster of a yellow jacket found himself stuck in between the middlest's helmet and head. It bit him over and over and over on the top of his head and while trying to get it his helmet off and out of his hair it bit his thumb many times too!
I was awakened in the middle of the day (night time for me remember) to his screams of pain and while looking at his head realized that the yellow jacket was still stuck in his hair and biting him. Poor Grant. His head hurt so bad I couldn't give him a haircut for the first day of school.

Fast forward a few weeks to one afternoon walking in the door from school. I was down the hall fixing my hair and heard screams from the living room as the boys walked in the door from school. Seems they got into a bit of a scrap outside before entering the house which was finished with a swift kick to the middlest's behind from the left foot of the oldest! Darn boys. Both were crying. Grant with a really hurt butt and Jordan with a hurt foot. So hurt I took him for xray that showed a possible fracture but I have to take him back next week for further pictures. I don't have much sympathy for that foot! The littlest, watching this whole brawl play out, sits aside near the middlest lego masterpiece creation and while all of us were down for the count and breaking up WWF in the entry way and assessing victims, proceeds to destroy the lego kingdom the middlest so fervently built. Salt in a wound.

Finally, two days ago I came home for lunch (at 8:30pm) to tuck the kids in bed and guess which two were scrappin' again? This time Grant took a header into the bookshelf and hit his eye really hard on the corner of a sharp book. While bloody tears poured down his face...I was checking his eyeball for leaking fluid! Ended up to be a cut inside his lower eyelid from the impact and the eyeball is fine. Confirmed by a visit to the eye doctor who encouraged wrestling away from the walls and toward the middle of the mat! Darn boys! In all that, the eye Dr. asked to see him back once the eye heals to check his vision. He suspects glasses may be necessary. We will know in a few weeks.

I think the middlest needs a vacation!


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