Friday, March 13, 2009

Nothing Worse

There is nothing worse than throwing up! I hate it. Hate it. Hate it. Last Thursday, I had my friends over for dinner and Howard had taken the boys to run some errands. They returned somewhat earlier than I had expect and when they hit the front door I knew by the tone of Howard's voice it wasn't good. Carter had puked all over the car. My friends decided now would be a good time to head for home. Thus our dinner ended abruptly when the puking child entered the house. I don't blame them one bit. No one wants to get sick! Especially when you are my friend Amy, who is 6 months pregnant, or my friend, Monica, who just had the stomach flu two weeks prior. Howard apologized for my dinner guests leaving so abruptly and then said he thought Carter just ate too much for dinner. Combined with the hot chocolate from "Disneyland dad" while they were running errands, he probably just got too full. We spent the next several hours cleaning the car, the kid, the clothes, the bathroom and the carpet. What fun. Isn't parenting a joy?
But I didn't buy into the overeating explanation. And, I was right. All day Friday, Carter continued with the obvious flu he picked up from daycare. Don't we love germ bucket 3 year olds who don't use proper hygiene?
Grant and I spent Friday and Saturday together at the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, pictures and wedding of our friend Sarah. He, as you know from the previous post, was her ring bearer. And a mighty fine one at that. Howard spent the day's home with Carter and his affliction. Then, on Saturday night we went to dinner at Applebee's before I headed to work for a few hours. Carter appeared to be feeling better and we thought we were over it. HA! What was I smoking?
I crawled in bed late Saturday night after work and woke early in the morning Sunday to a terrible feeling. Running to the bathroom I puked for the next 12 hours. I hate throwing up! Hate it. Hate it. At some point I was ready to call for an ambulance because I couldn't get off the bathroom floor and felt like I was going to pass out. Instead Howard carried me to bed and gave me Dramamine. Little white miracle workers in a bottle. But let me tell you how much I never want to eat at Applebee's again. Sometime during the day Grant started throwing up too. The next few days were pretty much a blur as I and my two youngest boys slept in one bed with a puke bowl within reach.
I should point out that during the time we were throwing up our socks, Jordan was coughing up his lungs. Howard took him to the Dr and came home with four new Rx's and a pneumonia warning if he doesn't not get better soon. Howard did a super job of keeping up with everyone and caring for us while we were down for the count. He washed all the laundry in the house. ..but didn't fold any of it and I still can't find my small couch q:o). He even washed all the reds together and only turned one pair of white underwear pink! I was so impressed at his attention to laundry details. Jordan wont be so impressed when he finds pink undewear in his dresser!
We have never had the stomach flu in our house until 3 months ago. I think twice in 3 months is more than enough. We should be clear for at least another 5 years, right? I'm still holding my breath for Howard though. He didn't get it either time and I pray he doesn't.... because I can't carry him to bed.
We are feeling better with only occasional urges to toss everything we just ate. Carter puked again last night after everyone was asleep and Howard and I found ourselves stripping another bed and washing sheets at 1am. Hopefully eight days is long enough for this bug. The sun is out and I am opening all the windows to air out the germs!


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  1. I can't believe how sick you guys have been. yes, surely you have had enough to last for the next few years.

    My youngest 2 have been sick for the last four days. Emma missed 3 days of school. She was throwing up on Friday. I'm just waiting, holding my breath for the next ones to get sick. Or me!

    Hang in there it sounds as if the worst is over.-Kristin