Sunday, March 1, 2009

Basketball Part 4

As they say...all good things must come to an end. We lost our 2nd Regional State Game on Friday to Mohawk High School. It was a very disappointing loss for our boys and even more for my husband. Only a 4 point loss makes it that much harder. 5 points away from Baker City is tough to recover from. But the best thing about this team is the great kids who are on it. These boys have the best character, composure and class. Attributes that will carry them far in life...way beyond a gym floor or basketball score board, and they aren't too shabby at the sport either! My husband is very blessed to have them.

The evening practices, endless uniform laundry, weekend road trips, late nights and concession food diet is officially over. Back to cooking at home and having dinners together as a family. And once the end-of-season grieving period is over for my husband, I will have him back too. We have one huge awards banquet to plan to celebrate the accomplishments.

So for now, It's game over. Until next season anyway...which starts again in November. The countdown has already begun.


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