Friday, March 20, 2009

Back to "Normal"

I've neglected my blog a bit this week. After a long bout with the stomach flu I felt so behind on housework and life stuff. I had to jump right into a long work week therefore barely had time to check my email or balance my checkbook. Yikes! That left the following equation: Blog = Backburner.

This week I attended a week long training class about mental illness. It was put on by a law enforcement agency in a nearby town and was very informative. I really enjoyed all that I learned about the various types of mental illness and how best to approach those inflected by the different types. We heard from various people who suffer from PTSD, Bi-Polar, Panic/Anxiety disorders, etc. I was so amazed that these people could stand up in front of a room full of cops and share their "dark" side in an effort to educate the ones who have to contact them during their times of personal crisis.

This week also marked the start of Little League season for Jordan and Grant. This is the first year Grant will play and he is very anxious to get started. Their practices are on opposite ends of town with one practice ending and the next one starting at the exact same time. We have until Wednesday to figure out how to clone ourselves or invent time travel. I had no idea how fun (or funny) little league was. Jordan started playing coach pitch last year and it was our first experience with baseball. Howard and I had so much fun watching the kids play. It is hilarious at times. Little boys with sunflower seeds and cleats running their little legs off and throwing dirt clots in the outfield. Our boys are looking forward to a fun season once we hit the sporting good store for pants, cleats and the all important protective cup!

I'm settling in to watch a movie with Howard on this first night of spring break! I'm trying to adjust to a 6 week graveyard shift that starts tomorrow night. The boys are actually still up. They just got home after a failed attempt at spending the night with friends. Their friend ended up running a high fever and getting sick so Howard went to pick them up. Grant is in the bathtub crying big crocodile tears lamenting that he had to return home prematurely. The influenza bug is not on our list of fun things to do for spring break, but my son doesn't understand that yet.

Happy Spring everyone!


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