Saturday, December 13, 2008


Yes, this is my first blog entry...and it's titled puke! It's called threemainboys however I promise that this blog is not all about bodily functions just because the majority of our family population is boys.

Let's rewind...back to last saturday night. My office had a Christmas party at the county jail for all the employees..please keep reading..I know it sounds a bit creepy... Christmas at the jail...but don't worry, it get's worse.

Howard's school was hosting their very first basketball tournament and he couldn't attend the Christmas party so I took the three boys and we headed in with food to share. I had worked graveyard the night before, came home and took a nap, made a run for the store, baked two desserts and a main dish (in 1 hour might I add) then ran the littlest son through the hair salon for what was supposed to be a quick haircut that took a whole hour... by the end I was ready to ask the girl for the scissors so I could finish it myself...but I refrained and grit my teeth as he got the worse haircut ever! We made it to the Christmas party, sat on santa's lap, (ironically I just typed satan and had to back up to change my characters around...but Carter thought he was satan anyway) then headed out the door for the basketball game. We caught the tail end of the winning game and were on our way home when my tummy started to rumble. We tucked the kids in bed and I told howard I wasn't feel well. Figuring it had to do with sleep deprevation from being up for almost 32 hours I crawled in bed and fell asleep. Two hours later....pat pat pat.. "mom"...pat pat pat.."mom" and then the sounds of puking coming from the stairs to our room... from that moment one it's been one whole week of puking from me and the boys.

I have worked graveyard all week, come home in time for Howard to leave for school and just in time to catch more puke in a bowl and try to take a nap. My kids have missed a whole week of school and we managed to make it to their Christmas program at school last night because we thought everyone was feeling better. Did I mention that on Monday we got a Christmas tree? Did I mention it's still sitting in the living room without any decorations or lights?

This week was howard's last week of college classes before next term so he had 4 finals this week. He cleaned up puke all through the night while I was at work still not feeling well, and I cleaned up puke all through the day while he was teaching and taking his finals. The only carol's in our house this week have been "oh, what's is to clean..." you get the idea.

Howard left for a basketball road trip yesterday and the kids had their Christmas program last night. We arrived just in time to throw the costumes on the kids and take a seat. It was only then that Jordan remembered he was supposed to wear all brown like 4 others in the program who collectively were the 5 pheasants. Well, this program had 4 brown ones and one with a grey sweatshirt and blue jeans. Oh goes on doesn't it? I'm laughing now but last night I was in tears. I'm tired. It's been a long week and now my son is sticking out like a sore thumb. It could have been worse..another little girl wet her pants in front of the whole crowed of approx 250 people. After the program my mom took the boys home...I went to work and then came home this morning to sleep. I just picked up the boys and arrived home to hear an announcement from Grant that Jordan just puked all over the bathroom. That was the understatment of the year. At one point I considered a garden hose but then realized we dont have one of those drains in the floor like public bathrooms do. The tile and the porcelain would have faired just fine but he new cabinets probably not so much. My dad will thank me later since he just finished building this cute little house we are living in at the moment. So, I settled for removing the toilet seat and putting it in the bathtub. After washing down every wall, baseboard, tile and exterior and interior of the toilet, tub and sink we have the cleanest bathroom on the block! Don't worry, I won't invite you over to see it. Carter's asleep on the couch next to me now running a fever and I have officially decided we will not be having a birthday party at our house tomorrow night for him. I may instead rent a house tent and fumigate the the entire thing to eliminate the flu bug altogether.

I'm sure your wondering by now..."Why is she sharing this?" You see that's just who I've become. I'm not about to write a blog that shows the happy pretty side of life only. You're going to see the ugly, not so fun part about life and being a mom too and I hope that through it we learn together and look forward and up.

So thanks for ready my first blog entry..I look forward to sharing about better topics soon. It's time to decorate a tree now.

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