Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Spirit

I can't help myself today..I have to post twice. Do you know when you think to yourself after you've had a conversation, "oh, I should have said..."?

While at work the other day I was talking with my friend who shared with me that each year it feels less and less like Christmas. That even with the Christmas music playing and the kids making cookies and wrapping gifts for the family, she doesn't have the Christmas spirit quite as much as she used to. There's more pressure on herself to buy gifts for the kids, etc. While she happens to be working overtime and varying shifts which clearly would make anyone tired and have less Christmas spirit, I just listened to what she said and didn't comment much. Maybe it's cause I was tired too.

But here is what I should have said and albeit a little late.

"Stop. Just stop. Stop feeling that you're inadequate as a mother. Stop wondering if your kids will have "enough" under the tree. Chances are, your kids lack for nothing. Instead, go home and sit down at the dinner table. Ask your kids to think of a kid in the their class who's family doesn't have much this year. Think about a family in your church who is without work. Think about the elderly person who has no family to visit them. Don't worry. It won't be hard. I'm sure each person at the dinner table will have an idea of someone within 30 seconds or less. Now, as a family share about each person thought about and why. Then decide as a family which one you will chose to bless. Yep, that's what I said. Dip into your Christmas fund and decide which one...Then go to walmart, buy some gifts and wrap them up together. They don't have to be extravagant. It's the doing that matters. Then deliver them anonymously or not."

100% Guarantee. This will change your Christmas spirit. God gave us His only son so that we may have life. Share this Christmas truth of God's love by giving to someone in need.

If after that little exercises you still want to make an impact. Visit my favorite Christmas gift website. http://www.samaritanspurse.org/ Click on the gift catalog and chose a gift to send to impoverished children and families in third world countries. Each of our kids pick something from this catalog ever year and remember it all year long. This is done early in the Christmas season and keeps their little Christmas lists in perspective. (although Jordan did ask for a Wii... he said it was little!)

So go for it. School's not out yet and I'm sure your kids will have an idea. Just ask them (and run their choice by the teacher who usually can verify the need).

Then, if you want, share what you did in the comment section. I'd love to hear what impact you made for eternity and how it changed your Christmas spirit.



  1. I am so happy you are blogging. This will help me keep intouch with you and the fam better since I am not the best friend for callling. I usually check out my fav blogs each night. You are now on my list.

    Thanks for your post. I used it for devotions tonight and we are going to take on a family who was in a horrible car accident. The daughter goes to the Christian school and the mother is severely injured and can't walk. Emotially they are going through it not just because of the accident but the people in the other car were killed. The kids and Michael and I are looking forward to sending a little love their way. Thanks again for challenging us all to give.

    I hope to see you while in GP. We will be there from Christmas Eve until Saturday morning. Do you work Friday? I'll be intouch.

  2. Thanks for the comment friend! Nice to see you in cyberspace! I do not work friday. We have friends coming from Costa Rica but there is always room for friends so we will make time to see you also!