Saturday, December 13, 2008

Our Christmas Tree

Do rum and tree's go together? I was beginning to wonder. We broke out the decorations and the boys were just a little overzealous. Grant started throwing garland everywhere and lights were all clumped on one side. I realized at this point that my perfectionist tendencies were starting to come out and this wasn't going as I had planned. After putting most of the light on the tree, one strand decided it had a mind of it's own. Half the lights went out...argh. I took them off the tree, plugged them into the wall and Jordan and I were searching for the problem child bulb....

(insert geography lesson here)

...the fire station can be seen from our front porch. Tonight our house almost became visible to the firemen from their front porch! The problem strand of lights starting buzzing, then an orange glow from the wires broke out and then sparks and flames. FIRE! Thanks to Jordan's intelligent little brain, he unplugged them immediately and called aunt Brittany who was driving through town. She stopped to pick up more lights for us. I wasn't about to drag puking kids to Walgreen's. I'm so glad that strand of lights was off the tree when that little flame show occurred. Howard should be home soon from his basketball trip, the travel is a bit slow going due to falling and packed snow. He will be excited to see he missed the tree decorating event all together,he just doesn't dig that part. He will be more excited to know that there is still a roof on our house. I enjoy dispatching for the fire department, but it's another story to have them dispatched to my own house. Here are a few of my favorite ornaments. Did I mention I love Christmas trees and ornaments?

I think that sums up the evening. It's officially Carter's Birthday since it's the wee hours of the morning. If I sit and think about it too long my eyes will water...and so will the eyes of those who know us well. That story will have to be saved for a later post.


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  1. Hey girl, thought of you all yesterday on Carter's birthday! What a blessing of a little boy he is! We love him so much, along with all of your boys. Hope you guys are feeling much better... Your tree is beautiful... Hope Howard's trip was good... Love, Na