Monday, June 15, 2009

We survived, our house did not.

We survived our final week of sheer chaos. Our house on the other hand, suffered like none other. Baseball season, college classes and overtime work hours have finally come to an end. Here's photographic evidence of the bomb that severly destroyed our home, barely leaving survivors behind.

This was my "clean laundry couch". I counted 12 dryer sheets when I was done folding.

A small sample of the homework piles and laptop cords on the living room floor.

No caption needed here.

And lastly, the catch-all kitchen counter top. Obviously not used to prepare any sort of meal!

After my photo session complete with hard hat , I went on a cleaning binge, however the catch-all counter still remains. With different "important" stuff of course. This coming week we will organize the cupboards and garage and get ready for our upcoming yard sale on Saturday. All profit will go to our quickly approaching vacation and hopefully after that I will be able to see all counter tops, the floor of our garage and an empty storage unit that we can vacate!

Until then, I have more cleaning to do. No rest for the wicked.


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