Saturday, June 27, 2009

Of babies, bike races and the birds and the bees!

I think I've hit maximum exhaustion. My friend had a baby this week and I look at her and can see the exhaustion beginning to set in. And I look at myself in the mirror and then wonder where my little 5 pound excuse wrapped in pastel is, for I look like someone who has just had their 13th child.

Jordan and my dad have huge bike races this weekend. Howard's grandpa's 90th birthday party was today and I hosted a baby shower for a friend of mine. 3 major events all in the same day. I have had 3 hrs of sleep each night for the past 2 days and I'm officially getting my butt kicked (again).

Howard is out of town (again). Can you guess why? Yep, didn't have to think too hard. Basketball. He was selected to coach an all star team in Sisters, Oregon this weekend, so off he went to get his weekly fill of basketball. To understand my husband's love for basketball is really indescribable. Just know that if they made basketball shaped breakfast cereal, he would eat it everyday. (Rabbit trail ended here.)

Back to the birds and bees part. Our lovely 7 year old chocolate lab was "altered" this week. He is recovering from surgery and is shaved in a few strategic areas. In addition to this event, the baby shower proved to provide even more brow raising topics in front of my oldest son. I was not in charge of the baby shower games, some else was and she chose a very risque poem/game. I'm sure my days are numbered after this week when it comes to the birds and bees stuff!

So how about those bike races. We are headed 25 miles out and up. To the top of the trees for the gorgeous views tomorrow of the valley we live in. Racers from all over Oregon heading our direction for some serious competition. So I get to man a post at the top of the mountain watching racers and relaxing in the sunny mountaintops. A much needed fresh air moment!

One more week until vacation!


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