Sunday, May 17, 2009


If this blog were a child, I would be guilty of neglect. I would have been turned into child protective services by now. Truth is, I'm getting my butt kicked at the moment. The last few weeks have been going faster than me. I can't keep up. I have been working 56 hours each week for the last two weeks, plus all the baseball, bmx, and year end school projects. I'm still alive. But basic needs are hard to meet right now. Let alone the extras. Except tonight, after a long day of work, I treated myself to a full leg wax and three episodes of Law and Order. Relaxing, huh?

Here's the highlights of the last two weeks.

1) Howard's birthday was a blast. We took some friends with us and went to dinner and a movie while the kids stayed the night at grandma's house.

2) Jordan's baseball team is tied for 1st place in his minor league.

3) Grant had a field trip to a Mexican restaurant where he ordered his meal en espanol!

4) Carter hasn't broken any bones. Even with his new tricks of jumping off the couch.

5) The homeowners insurance adjuster called me to get our side of the flood story, and actually seemed to be quite fair. We're hoping and praying that things turn out fairly.

6) Nephew Titus came to visit on Mother's day and also took a few steps this week.

7) We bought a new-to-us car. A van actually, and have joined the ranks of "soccer moms unite", except for as it applies to baseball and basketball.

8) Howard is three weeks closer to finishing this term of college classes and enjoying the summer off with the boys and coaching summer basketball.

9) We were given some vegetable plants for free and are going to plant them tomorrow.

10) We were given a piano for free and Jordan is enjoying having it in his room.

11) We sponsored a child through Compassion International. His name is Dipak. He lives in India and is 7. I introduced his photo and story one night at dinner when the boys were acting like a bunch of brats. It changed their tune instantly! They suddenly had a lot less to complain about.

Of course there are a quite a few not so fun things that have happened over the last two weeks, but today, I chose to share to positive ones.


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