Monday, November 16, 2009


Holy Hanna it's been a long month! Finally slowing down from the mayhem and getting into a new normal with basketball season kicking off last week. Here's what's been going down in our busy boy household....

1) The aforementioned basketball season is once again upon us. Howard is busy with coaching every night and games on the weekends starting in two weeks. The season will carry on through the beginning of spring.

2) We all shared a good round of the flu! Glad that's over with.

3) I managed to squeeze and extra 83 hours of work in this MONTH! Not by choice. I'm sure I have a few more lines in my face after that last round of overtime.

4) My work schedule has changed to a full graveyard shift so now I am home with the boys longer in the evening. Tuck them into bed and then head for work at 11pm. In the morning I come home to help them get out the door for school and then I hit the hay. Seems to be working well so far.

5) Grant is losing teeth like a madman.

6) Jordan did a great job carving his own pumpkin this year.

7) Carter learned to buckle his own seat belt. Small victory in this house!

8) Howard and I left the kids with grandma at the beginning of October and set out on a date to the Oregon Ducks home game in Eugene. Freezing cold and lots of fun.

9) The boys and I took a day trip to the sand dunes and did some fun quad riding while Howard went back to another Ducks game without us!

10) We took family photo's in the park of which I will post separately when I find an extra moment.

11) I have lost 15 pounds and have been making the gym a part of my new routine! Not so rigid on the healthy eating anymore. Need to get back on track with that. Have 15 more pounds to go!

That's the highlights.

I will get busy blogging again here soon.

Love, Mandy

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