Sunday, July 12, 2009

Beach Bums

Life is a beach, especially in Southern California. Here's proof that we played hard at Newport Beach, and came away with some nice sunburns on all the spots we missed with sunscreen. (and a couple jokes at the end for my mom)



  1. So much fun!!! Are you home yet? I hope you had a wonderful vacation. You needed it! I bet the kids and Howard were so happy to have you around them 24/7!!!

    It was fun seeing you and the boys while in GP.

  2. yes, kristin, we are home. at least I am anyway. Howard and the two older ones are at basketball camp with the team. Staying in a cabin on the lake and having too much fishing and canoing fun. I think they forgot they have a momma. I should send them a post card to remind them who I am.